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Kids Count

Kids Count is a project led by The Annie E. Casey Foundation with the purpose of providing quality data and tools to legislators, public policy creators and advocates for children, in order to promote public policies that benefit living conditions of all children.

This project began in 1990 and it annually provides data and analysis in relation to 16 indicators, in 4 fundamental dimensions: Economy, Family, Education and Community; through a network of educational institutions and non-profit organizations in the United States, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands and Mexico.

Thanks to this network of professionals, the Youth Development Institute of Puerto Rico (YDI) has access to the best practices, ideas for mobilization and child advocacy efforts, as well as access to a data platform called Kids Count Data Center that allows users to make comparisons and different types of graphs in a fast and accessible way.

Due to the alignment between the work of The Annie E. Casey Foundation and the work of the YDI, the Institute became the ambassador for the Kids Count project in Puerto Rico. At the YDI, part of our responsibility and commitment with this project focuses on updating the Kids Count database for Puerto Rico and promoting the study locally. See the Kids Count Data for Puerto Rico, here.

Kids Count Links

Puerto Rico is not alone facing the major challenges of child poverty; some southern states in the United States also face this great challenge. The following list provides Kids Count partner organizations focused on reducing child poverty through the use of data, research, and considering the voices of those affected in the formulation of policy:

Alabama - VOICES for Alabama’s Children: www.alavoices.org

Arizona - Children’s Action Alliance: www.azchildren.org

Arkansas - Arkansas Advocates for Children & Families: www.advocates.org

California - Children Now: www.childrennow.org

Florida - University of South Florida: www.floridakidscount.org

Louisiana - Agenda for Children: www.agendaforchildren.org

Mississippi - Social Science Research Center Mississippi State University: www.kidscount.ssrc.msstate.edu

New Mexico - New Mexico Voices for Children: www.nmvoices.org

Oklahoma - Oklahoma Policy Institute: www.okpolicy.org

South Carolina - Children’s Trust of South Carolina: www.scchildren.org

Tennessee - Tennessee Commission on Children and Youth: www.tn.gov/tccy

Texas - Center for Public Policy Priorities: www.cppp.org/kidscount