Youth Development of Puerto Rico

Data Research,
policy and advocacy
against child poverty.

The Youth Development Institute of Puerto Rico (Instituto del Desarrollo de la Juventud) is a nonprofit nonpartisan entity dedicated to improving child and youth outcomes in Puerto Rico through the promotion of research and people-driven public policies, with the ultimate goal of drastically reducing child poverty in the island.

Given that the majority of children in Puerto Rico live in poverty, we focus on solutions to increase the economic security and mobility of families with children and youth.

The cause of child poverty is the lack of economic security in families, which in Puerto Rico is threatened by low labor participation, job insecurity and poor compensation. Addressing these problems is key to ensuring that all children in Puerto Rico live in families with economic security.

How We Do It


We disseminate data that increases the awareness about the challenges that children and youth living in poverty face in Puerto Rico.

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We conduct research that deepens the understanding on the challenges of child poverty and potential solutions.

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Public Policy

We develop public policy recommendations that are rooted in research and in the voices of those affected.

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We advocate for and with families with children and youth, using both, traditional and grassroots mechanisms.

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